Antti Laitinen

Antti Laitinen london1
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Antti L. snowman
Antti Laitinen london1Antti Laitinen IMG_8469bAntti L. snowman

During the New Performance Turku Festival Antti Laitinen will be building his work Armour at the Vartiovuori Park. By using plate and pop rivets he will build a harness to a tree.

Antti Laitinen (b. 1975) is a Finnish artist with a background in visual arts whose works often combine installation and performance art. Laitinen’s works have been on display among others in Great Britain, United States and Denmark. In 2014 Laitinen represented Finland in Venice Biennale with a work called Forest Square. For the work he removed a 10 x 10 meter piece of forest and sorted it into it’s different materials: soil, moss, wood, pines, etc. He then rebuilt this piece of forest and arranged the different materials by colour. In his previous works he has for example rowed a palm island and built a bark boat to sail.

Armour Wednesday 30.9.2015 – Sunday 4.10.2015 Vartiovuori park

Armour / Afterwork picnic, Sunday 4.10.2015 at 2-3pm, Vartiovuori park

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