Floating Platforms

Floating Platforms is a project exploring dialogue between performance art and both science and humanities. It is organized by New Performance Turku Festival and Aboagora Symposium.

In the Floating Platforms project 12 researchers and performance artists have a possibility to explore their own and each others ways of working and thinking. Their partner and mentor in exploring the processes taking place in encounters between performance art and science is Mari Krappala, PhD and a researcher in contemporary art.

The twelve participants work in pairs in residencies in August and September. The outcome of the collaboration will be available to audience in Aboagora Symposium (August 11-13th) and New Performance Turku Festival (from September 29th to October 5th) in 2015.

A concluding seminar addressing the project and knowledge provided by the dialogue between science, humanities and performance art will be held in November and  a comprehensive e-publication on Floating Platforms will be released during 2016.

Read more about the Floating Platforms project.

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