New Performance Turku Festival visits They come from far away -festival in New Zealand

New Performance Turku Festival visits Auckland, New Zealand, February 10-13th 2016.

They Come from Far Away festival gathers performance artists from Finland, Britain and New Zealand. The performance event happens at Auckland Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery, and performances will also be seen at the city space and the surrounding nature. The event showcases a series of performances, video pieces and artist talks.

Finnish artists have worked in the city for 1-2 weeks before the festival, excecuting projects in collaboration with local residents, artists and associations. The festival is curated by the artistic directors of the New Performance Turku Festival,Leena Kela and Christopher Hewitt, and curator-artist Mark Harvey from New Zealand. Finnish artists performing at the festival are Antti LaitinenPilvi PorkolaEero Yli-Vakkuri and Leena Kela, with live art group Oblivia. Oblivia’s work will be performed in Finland and video streamed live to New Zealand. Local artists are  Mark HarveyStephen BainSean CurhamMatthew CowanNisha MadhanClaire O’Neil and val smith. The series also presents English artist Joshua Sofaer.

Long-term collaboration with performance institution enables sustainable relations and exchange of thoughts and practices, instead of single, short-term performance visits. New Performance Turku Festival offers their artists a possibility for professional development, international networking, dialogical audience relationship and new collaborations with collegues and local communities. These ambitions will not fulfill in traditional artist exchange, where artists travel across the world to present a ready-made piece, instead of exposing themselves for regional influences  and knowledge. New Performance Turku Festival constantly seeks and produces sustainable, ethical structures for performance art and international exchange and activity.

Finnish artists’ visit to New Zealand is kindly supported by FRAME Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland and TINFO.

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