PERFORMANCE VOYAGE 5 Lunch screening


Performance Voyage 5 is a series of international video performances on the theme “Domestic”

It showcases video performances by 13 artists and collectives. The PV5 compilation was made from among work submitted in response to an open international call for artists. The theme of 2015, “Domestic”, implies such concepts as national, home and even homelessness, as well as family, native, national, political point of view, and immigration.

In 2015, Performance Voyage 5 videos will be screened globally at 15 different venues in the Nordic countries, Europe, Canada and more.

The artists featured on the screening programme are Annette Arlander (Finland),Yvon Chabrowski (Germany), Sasha Huber (Finland/Switzerland/Haiti), Julieta Maria (Canada), Sara Pathirane (Finland), “Richter/Meyer/Marx (Berlin)” (Germany), Rah Saneie (Canada/Iran), Willem Wilhelmus (Finland/Netherlands) & Tomasz Szrama (Finland/ Poland), and Carlo Zanni (Italy).

The PV5 exhibition in Helsinki in September 2015 will also include works by Jan Hakon Erichsen (Norway), Lea & Pekka Kantonen (Finland), Jenni Markkanen (Finland), and Owen Parry (UK).

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PERFORMANCE VOYAGE 5 Lunch screening, Friday 2.10.2015 at 11-13 Brewery Restaurant Koulu

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