Anaïs Héraud

Anais  Heraud photo_Aleks Slota

(Photo: Aleks Slota)

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(Photo: Pirre Naukkarinen)


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(Photo: Justyna Werbel)

(Photo: Aleks Slota)(Photo: Pirre Naukkarinen)(Photo: Justyna Werbel)(Photo: Justyna Werbel)

Ritournelles are often found in children’s songs, advertisements or political slogans in demonstrations, among others. Its principles avoid traditional storytelling and emphasize on action. Anaïs Héraud will adapt the concept of ritournelle to compose a solo performance investigating the specific dimension of voice and orality in the building of live images.

Ritournelle in its repetitive format can also have a reassuring function, creating a bridge for its singer between the intimate and the unknown. Ritournelles can create “safe spaces” while transforming imagination into action. In this context, Anaïs Héraud will collaborate with the Tyttöjen talo (Girl’s House in Turku) where she will propose a workshop with young women on ritournelle.

Anaïs Héraud (b. 1988) is a performer and visual artist based in Berlin. She is working solo and in collaboration with other performance artists, dancers and musicians developing her practice around Europe. She has initiated and co-organised since 2013 the Berlin trimestrial event “Reflektor” presenting performance and sound art. She is an active member of APAB (Association for Performance Art Berlin) and curator of the Month of Performance Art-Berlin.  She has initiated the berlin-based female collective “dealing with normative gaze in performance art”.

This is Anaïs Héraud’s second time performing at the New Performance Turku Festival. Last year she performed at the festival with a piece called Compulsion-Attaque, exploring the language of social and political activism. In the beginning of 2015 she was a resident artist at the Saaren kartano with her Ritournelle project. /Ritournelle/is at first a musical concept close to the idea of refrain. It refers to a repetitive phrase that grows gradually, resulting in new dimensions.

Ritournelle, Thursday 1.10.2015 at 5.30-7pm + Afterwork discussion, Vanha Viinatehdas, tickets 7/5 €

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