Márcio Carvalho


(Photo: Joakim Stampe)


(Photo: Faber Neifer)


(Photo: Nella Turkki)


(Photo: Sandrine Schaefer)


(Photo: Emma Haugh)

(Photo: Joakim Stampe)(Photo: Faber Neifer)(Photo: Nella Turkki)(Photo: Sandrine Schaefer)(Photo: Emma Haugh)

The performance work A Meeting in Turku in 2015 by Márcio Carvalho is a reflection about the monument A Meeting in Turku in 1812, as a potential site of collective memory and public history. Questions such as Who owns the job of deciding who stays for history and who is excluded? and Are we part of this decision making? will be the starting point to create a discussion about the possibility of building a permanent counter-monument (A Meeting in Turku in 2015) as a counter-memory and a possible site for continually debating the history that A Meeting in Turku in 1812 monument represents. ‘

As a part of Márcio Carvalho’s A Meeting in Turku in 2015 there will also be a vote about a whole new Turku Monument. You can vote for your suggestions on the website Turkumonumentti.fi.

Márcio Carvalho (b. 1981) is a Portuguese visual artist and an independent art curator, based in Berlin. He holds a master degree in performing arts at HZT/UDK Berlin and a master degree in Visual Arts at ESAD in Portugal. He is the co-founder and curator of the performance art program CO-LAB editions and the curator of the performance section at Afiriperfoma Biennial 2015 in Lagos Nigeria. In the past he founded the artist residence program Hotel25 in Berlin and initiated programs and festivals such as “The Powers of Art”, the first international TV Show dedicated to showcasing a crossing between performing arts and paranormal activity and Plot in Situ -festival of Performance art in Berlin.

Floating Platforms

Márcio Carvalho is collaborating with Postdoctoral Researcher Eeva Puumala in the Floating Platforms, a project exploring dialogue between performance art, science and humanities, organized by New Performance Turku Festival and Aboagora Symposium. Márcio Carvalho and Eeva Puumala will perform at New Performance Turku Festival. Read more here.


A Meeting in Turku in 2015 / Discussion, Friday 2.10.2015 at 4.30-6pm, the plaza in the Forum Block

A Meeting in Turku in 2015 / The Revealing, Saturday 3.10.2015 at 4.30-6pm, Läntinen Rantakatu 3 (A Meeting in Turku in 1812 Statue)

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