Floating Platforms Programme



The project includes alltogether six performances three of which will be seen at the Aboagora Symposium 11th to 13th of August and three as a part of New Performance Turku Festival 28th of September to 4th of November 2015.



Performances at the Aboagora Symposium

Tuesday 11th August
Juha Valkeapää + Riitta Rainio
Bone Garden
Sound Installation (open all day)
Sound disco 15:30-18:00
The Old Market Square Cellar

Wednesday 12th August
Kaisa Henttunen + Leena Kela
Dark Energy Kitchen
Observatory, Vartiovuorenmäki

13th of August
Mia Rönkä + Kurt Johannessen
Blue Inquiry
Sibelius Museum




Performances at the New Performance Turku Festival

Tuesday 29th of September
Lynn Lu + Saana Svärd
at 18-19
Titanik Gallery

Wednesday 30th of September
Márcio Carvalho + Eeva Puumala
at 17:30-18:30
Titanik Gallery

Wednesday 30th of September
Joshua Sofaer + Mikko Sams
at 19:30-20:30
TEHDAS Theatre

A concluding seminar addressing the project and knowledge provided by the dialogue between science, humanities and performance art will be held on 3rd of November and  a comprehensive e-publication on Floating Platforms will be released during 2016.

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