ieke Trinks


When no one shows up there will at least be the documentation to hold on to! As a live event, The Variety Show is an attempt to bring a portfolio of past performance works alive. At the same time it also is the activity of making new imagery of past works. Questions that arise from this are: “Is the documentation enough for viewers to access a work of art?” “How does what gets selected and made public affect our understanding of a work?” The Variety Show is a performance consisting of illogical and fragmentary excerpts from past and future performances.

A Dutch artist who mainly works in live art, Ieke Trinks has presented her work in Europe, Canada, Brazil and the USA. Trinks recently moved to Malmö, Sweden, where she will obtain her second MFA at the Malmö Art Academy. Her art works run from solo performances and projects containing collaborations with other artists to work including non-artist participants. In 2011 she created a performance for the performance art festival Performanssi 2011 in Turku. Last year she took part in the Helsinki performance art festival Amorph!14 with the project One Family. The temporary aspect of live art often leaves Trinks with the question in what way such works can be contained and shared as a record? What are the impressions we get from the form of documention chosen?

The Variety Show / Opening, Friday 2.10.2015 klo 6-8pm, Titanik Gallery

The Variety Show, Saturday 3.10.2015 and Sunday 4.10.2015 klo 2-4pm + Afterwork discussion at 4-5pm, Titanik Gallery

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